A team of professionals to advise and help you with your investments in Bulgaria

Our most valuable asset is the human resources that form part of our integral firm for managing companies in Bulgaria, consubulgaria. In our team you can find a plurality of different professional profiles, both Spanish and Bulgarian Lawyers, Accountants, Translators, Economists, all of them with full proficiency development in the Bulgarian, Spanish and International Markets, and with complete knowledge about how to guide you with your investments in Bulgaria.

Apart from all the team of professionals that work to help our clients with their operations and investments in Bulgaria, all the projects are personally managed by the Managing Partner of consubulgaria, Carlos Valenzuela Salafranca.

In the academic sphere, Carlos Valenzuela holds a Licentiate Degree in Law by the University of Zaragoza, with the maximum possible honours, Summa Cum Laude. After obtaining his Licentiate Degree in Law, he obtained a second Licentiate Degree, in Business Administration and Management, by the University of Zaragoza, with an academic stay in Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, one of the most reputed academic institutions worldwide. Carlos Valenzuela is also Registered Lawyer at the Bar of Lawyers of Madrid, with number 108904, and Registered Economist at the Bar of Economists of Madrid, with number 28470.

In the professional terrain, Carlos has dedicated his complete background to different functions of legal, economic and business consultancy, in both SMEs and Multinational Corporations. Carlos has a complete professional development of Spanish and English language, and knowledge of Bulgarian and French.

With all this professional and academic background, Carlos Valenzuela placed all his best practice in this project, consubulgaria, configured as the solution for all those wanting to invest in new companies in Bulgaria in an easy way and saving costs from taxes. If you are considering to invest in Bulgaria, this is your opportunity that will allow you to know all the procedures and to be guided about all your paperwork, legal acts, labour situations and business operations.