Our team of experts can solve all your business issues and be your business consultant in Bulgaria

Even considering that Bulgaria offers tax and economic advantages for foreigner investors, the entry or expansion in the Bulgarian market is not an easy issue. Bulgaria is a country in exponential growth, and an attractive market, that since its incorporation in the European Union, is generating a growing impact in the international trade.

However, the existence of a fully different business culture, the presence of incumbents with strong market power and the specific consumption patterns of behavior and consumption of Bulgaria market, makes difficult to the foreign companies an effective impact in this market. The solution to these situations, is to have the support of a business consultancy firm in Bulgaria, with experience and the possibility of giving guidance to new Companies in Bulgaria about all the different managerial, business or legal elements that will appear.

The tax advantages of registering a new Company in Bulgaria are positive, but is necessary to ensure them with a team of experts with experience in business consulting in Bulgaria in order to have a correct guide during the entire process of allocation of operations in Bulgaria. That is the optimal option in order to extract the maximum profit of the investments in Bulgaria and in order to reach the desired company results in the operations in Bulgaria. Having for your Company the support of a team of experts of business in Bulgaria is a guarantee that will help you to reach the goals set by your new Company.

Our team of professionals, both Bulgarians and Spanish, with superior education in Strategic Consultancy of Companies in Bulgaria, can prepare for you reports and assessments adapted to your necessities, analyzing the variables that define a process of entrance or expansion in the Bulgarian market, or in order to perform a sustainable growth.

Hence, in consubulgaria we offer you the support of a business consulting in Bulgaria in order to collect, process and analyze for you actionable intelligence to design the best possible impact route for your business.