Firm specialized in Company creation, formation and registration

Due to the characteristics and requisites existing in order to register and create new Companies in Bulgaria, our team of specialist can create your new Company in Bulgaria in a fast way, without our clients having to travel to Bulgaria.

This is possible due to the fact that Bulgaria is a country with low fees and paperwork in the procedure of a Company formation, since the policy of Bulgaria is designed to attract foreigner investors to choose Bulgaria for the formation of a Company.

For this reason, if you are thinking about creating a Company in Bulgaria, and you want the process of creation of your new Company in Bulgaria to be easy and fast, we offer you the services of consulting of our team of specialist. In this team we have professionals of several fields such as lawyers, economists, translators and accountancy, with the final purpose of offering our clients a complete and top quality consulting process.

Moreover, we also offer the complete range of services necessary for the maintenance of your Company in Bulgaria: accountancy, tax, legal services, we can solve for you all the necessities that might arise.

Our team is formed by experts that are fluent in Spanish, English and Bulgarian, so the linguistic gaps are inexistent and in this way, the Company Formation of a Company in Bulgaria is fully tailored and customized. For these reasons, we are able to offer an effective and reliable service in the Company Creation process in Bulgaria.

We answer all the consults, we solve your questions, we make for you all the needed processes and paperwork, we offer you all the information regarding the necessary steps for the Company Formation of a new Company in Bulgaria and we are with you in the complete path you will have to follow in order to create business in Bulgaria.