Everything you need to know about the economic and legal approach to the business in Bulgaria

Bulgaria, due to its particular legal and economic situation, is an attractive country to create a Company. The entry of Bulgaria in the European Union on the year 2007 offers the needed security in order to create Companies in Bulgaria, and its strategic qualities make Bulgaria the perfect place to start a Company creation.

In Bulgaria you can find branches of the main European banks, and its geographical allocation makes Bulgaria a crossroad between Europe and Asia. Moreover, the economic and tax advantages of Bulgaria, together with the low taxes and the easy and fast processes in order to register a Company in Bulgaria, made that many investors focused in this country to perform business.

We can help you from a legal and economic approach regarding your business in Bulgaria in the complete range of issues that might be of your interest for optimizing your results. From which corporate structure is the most convenient to open a Company in Bulgaria, to which is the economic intelligence of a sector.

Every person interested in Bulgaria for business purposes, needs to understand the context and the specific knowledge about the place where operations are to be performed. Hence, our team includes experts from various sectors like accountancy, industry, law or economy.

These professionals specialized in these areas will perform for you an economic and legal consultancy regarding your operations in Bulgaria, explaining and solving all the steps, paperwork and needed operations, and in general, every single necessity that might appear in the Company Creation, during the Company Formation, or in any stage of the process. Despite the fast and easy nature of a Company Registration in Bulgaria, there are plenty of variables (like the correct election of a Corporate shape or the legalizations and translations) that might bring down a process, with all the subsequent cost in terms of time and money. That´s why it is necessary to carry this process by experts with a broad knowledge of the Bulgarian law.