We guide you through the entire process of outsourcing in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is the most popular outsourcing destination in Europe between the most famous multinationals (Coca-Cola, Adecco, IBM…). In order to perform an effective outsourcing in Bulgaria, several factors are needed, specially, a careful selection of human resources of the maximum quality, the election of adequate offices and an integral planning of the process.

In consubulgaria we help you in your outsourcing in Bulgaria, both with single operations and with entire processes. In this way, if you manage a company interested in outsourcing one, several or all your processes in Bulgaria, our team of experts can help you in every single step. We deal in our scope of activity with all the classic elements of an outsourcing in Bulgaria: applicants screening, interviewing and selection, offices allocation and Real Estate evaluation, and all the administrative work.

As a firm specialized in outsourcing in Bulgaria, we can offer, as an example, support in all the operations related with the Human Resources and Talent Acquisition in Bulgaria, thanks to our access to extensive pools of specialized professionals in Bulgaria. Adapting the recruitment process to the needs of every Company.

Apart from these punctual questions, our team of experts in outsourcing in Bulgaria can also perform for your Company the entire outsourcing in Bulgaria from the exploratory stages until the final implementation. The fact that the members of our team are experts in very various disciplines like Industrial Economy, Human Resources or Business Process Outsourcing in Bulgaria, is a guarantee that the approach towards our clients is always extensive and comprehensive. Only a multidisciplinary approach to the outsourcing in Bulgaria can lead to satisfactory outcomes.

With Bulgaria as a perfect destination for the outsourcing of the operations and with our team guiding and executing the entire process of outsourcing in Bulgaria, you will not have any problem managing the different stages and paperwork when decided to outsource in Bulgaria your Company.